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SWP: Your regular income source

What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan? Systematic Withdrawal Plan, or SWP, is a method of attaining a monthly income by investing in mutual funds. In an SIP, you invest a fixed sum of money each month so that you can create a large corpus of money in the future. Now, an ...

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Make your early retirement dreams come true

The popular Hindi movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ introduced the exotic locales of Spain to a lot of Indians. And in addition to all the singing, dancing and running from the bulls, the movie also spoke of a very interesting concept: early retirement. During the movie, one of the key ...

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Countering Market Volatility with SIP

Market fluctuations are common in the financial world. With increased volatility, risk factors are more likely to increase which in turn may result in low returns. Investors, therefore, constantly look for means and methods to adjust their investment strategies in order to handle volatility in the best possible way. Investing ...

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Asset-Light Ways to Furnish Your Office

Start-Ups maybe the trend of the season, but becoming a successful entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. All business ventures trace their origin back to an innovative idea. But innovation and ideas alone cannot run a business; there is always more than one factor that is involved in building ...

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Robert Kiyosaki concept: Pay yourself first

If you love reading books, then you must have been well aware of the book called – The Richest Man in Babylon, and the phrase that grabbed the readers’ attention was “Pay yourself first”. However, this simple statement has got a new definition into a profound personal finance rule by ...

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10 Reasons Why People Have Savings Accounts

The road to financial freedom begins with choosing a solid portfolio. While some seek to have investments in mutual funds, some have a checking account. A saving account is one of the most solid additions to your portfolio. Opening such an account is an important part of your long-term financial ...

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